Our Team Provides a Full Range of Career Actualization and Performance Services

What our clients say

‘Throughout this process you were generous with your time, honest, and willing to provide advice.  My confidence grew when sitting down with you.  I believe this was one of my keys to success’  (Accountant)

‘Thank you for all your help. What would I do without you’  (Social Worker)

‘You have been my best support and cheerleader’ (Teacher)

‘I save your messages and read them over and over again when I need motivation or to remind my self of my options’  (Technology Professional)

‘You are a rock star!’  (Recent Graduate)

‘You removed my stress and now I feel confident to move ahead in my job search’ (Laid of professional)

“You made the difference in my career. I did not know what to do and you helped me find options’ (career changer)

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Our Team includes Qualified, Certified, Experienced . . . .

- Career Coaches

- Counsellors

  1. -Resume Writers

  2. -Social Media Coaches

  3. -Career Strategists

  4. -Performance Coaches

Are You Looking To Take Your Career Performance to the NEXT LEVEL?

Career Assessment and Discovery 
    - Psychological/personality assessment
    - Emotional Intelligence Assessment
    - Business Career Interest Assessment
    - Skills/Interests/Values Assessment
    - Career/Industry Matching

Education Planning Consultation
     - Education Program Matching
     - Higher Education Application Consultation

Portfolio Development
     - Professional Brand assessment and articulation
     - Resume and Cover Letter Consultation

Employment/Job Preparation
     -  Interview Coaching/Salary Negotiation
     - Job Search and Networking
     - Navigating the Canadian Workplace
     - Relocation Advising
     - Preparing/negotiating a Promotions

Social Media Strategy
     - Social Media Training and Education
     - Social Media Support or Deployment

International Professionals Program
Discover for Your Canadian Future
-  Prepare For Your Canadian Career Future
-  Build Your Canadian Career Future

Disability Career Management  
Accommodation Planning
     - Career Modification Options
     - Disclosure Strategies

Unexpected Career Challenges
     -  Impending Job Loss
     -  Problems with Supervisors/Co-workers
     -  Severance Negotiation

Career Performance Consulting
- Accountability Coaching
    - Workplace Relationship Management
    - Mental Performance Coaching
    - Preparing for Promotions

Our Full Range Of Services Includes:

We specialize in working with Professionals in a range of fields including Senior Managers and Executives looking for balance, stability or to transition their careers to the next phase.

Our team also provides services to Internationally Trained and Educated Professionals, Students and Persons with Disability

  1. *Career Assessment and Discovery

  2. *Education Planning

  3. *Portfolio Development (Resume, Cover Letter, Social Profiles including LinkedIn Profile)

  4. *Job Search Strategies

  5. *Social Media Job Search

  6. *Networking Strategy

  7. *Interview and Negotiation

  8. *Career Performance Management

RE Discover   Build    Actualize Your Career